Who Are You Project | A series of encounters between very different people
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For you, who is “the other”?

Someone whose life experience or values are radically different from your own.

Maybe it’s a woman or man from a different country. Someone who is extraordinarily rich, or very poor. Someone who has spent decades in prison, or someone who has enjoyed great freedom. Someone who has severe disabilities, or none. Someone who believes the rapture is imminent, or someone who is resolutely atheist.

It could be anyone.

“Who Are You?” is a series of ten dialogues

Each dialogue happens between two such very different people.

The dialogues will be recorded and used as the raw material for an educational curriculum and the multimedia website you are now visiting. Click the links in the main menu for information on the dialogues, the curriculum, and how you can follow the project or get involved.

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Special thanks to the Germanacos Foundation for support to launch this project. “Who Are You?” is a project of  Narrative Arts.

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you heard their story.”

Mary Lou Kownacki