David and Cecilia

David and Cecilia

In the previous (and first) episode of the series, project director and liberal New Yorker Paul VanDeCarr talked with David, a gun-rights advocate from Pennsylvania. Then David, who describes himself as “your basic straight guy,” asked to speak with a transgender woman. In this second episode, David meets Cecilia, a trans woman originally from Argentina and now living in Queens, New York.


Before and after each encounter, we'll take photos of the two participants striking poses that represent how they feel about the other person. (They assume the poses facing away from each other, and then turn towards each other; neither knows the other's pose before they turn around.) In the photos above, "your basic straight guy" David strikes a pose of curiosity before the dialogue, while trans woman Cecilia takes a pose that asks, "Hmm, what is this dude all about?" After the dialogue, David takes a stance that suggests an open heart and a welcoming hand, and Cecilia expresses hope that there are good people out there to learn about.


September 26, 2016